Sydney Tattoo

Hitomi- has been tattooing since 2004. Hitomi is a Japanese resident artist that has been in Sydney since 2009. She fell in love with Sydney and has been here ever since. She carries a vast knowledge and understanding of Japanese arts. Hitomi also carries a deep understanding of Japanese culture and can explain to you about the Japanese ways in detail. Being brought up with traditional old fashion parents. Always as a kid being influenced by the Traditional Nichibu and studying the Traditional Japanese tea ceremony . Her mother almost wore kimomo everyday, Hitomi absolutely loved the fine patterns and designs on these kimono's witch she incorporates into her designs.

Hitomi has been drawing since a little child, always drawing something in her spare time. Hitomi studied under a Japanese tattooing family (Ichimon) for 2 years when she first started tattooing, learning the traditional Japanese tattooing way. She ventured out into the tattoo world soon after.

Hitomi loves all types of art, Inspired from many different artists and traditional Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyoe) and many different types of art forms form Japanese contemporary arts.

Hitomi has a bright personality and is happy to consult and take on any type of Japanese project large or small.

Please feel free to contact her with you ideas!!

You can check out her Instagram for daily updates!!
Instagram; Horihii