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Our philosophy is to give everyone who comes through our doors a good quality tattoo and a great experience getting it. We have an amazing team of committed tattooers working in a diverse range of styles to satisfy first timers to old hands from script and butterfly tattoos to full Japanese sleeves and body suits we have male and female tattoo artists to work with you.

We are adept at doing custom work and have years of experience and a huge library of reference to draw from when creating your tattoo, feel free to book a consult with any of our tattooers if you want advice or assistance in designing your next piece.

Broadway Tattoo also specializes in body piercing stocking only the best quality jewellery from Industrial Strength along with organic jewellery sourced from around the world.

Broadway Tattoo also has facilities for laser tattoo removal and lightening of old and unwanted tattoos.

We also accept expressions of interest from Sydney based tattoo artists with clientele looking for a clean, progressive space to work from.

Broadway Tattoo - 229 Broadway Glebe
Tattoo Operator License 010294
Phone: (02) 9552 2077
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Our opening hours are 12 noon to 8pm, 7days a week

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